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What Is The International Association Of Nitrox And Technical Divers?
IANTD is the only EANx agency that offers training in all aspects of EANx through continuing education programs.
This allows you to expand your knowledge and training with the top professionals in the field.
IANTD instructors are well trained, highly experienced and extremely qualified.
IANTD standards and procedures provide for the highest level of EANx education and training available.
IANTD was founded by Dick Rutkowski, the former dive supervisor for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
Mr. Rutkowski introduced the recreational diving community to the technology of EANx.
This program was developed through NOAA during his tenure.
Today the board of directors, and the membership of IANTD, are composed of many of the most experienced divers in the world pertaining to the use of breathing gases other than air.
IANTD Australasia with its experienced Instructors and dive shops can offer all aspects of your diver training and on going support.Please see facility locations to find the closest shop to you.